GreenSteam: High tech fuel saving systems

GreenSteam: High tech fuel saving systems

Lyngby: Fuel saving is all about reaching optimal speed using as little fuel as possible, according to the homepage of Denmark’s GreenSteam. While this sounds simple, it is anything but in practice. This is because optimal settings of operational parameters – such as trim, speed and propeller RPM – depend on a range of conditions – load, waves, wind, water depth and so on.

OSCAR: Charity dragon boat race set for September

OSCAR: Charity dragon boat race set for SeptemberLondon: There’s just 10 days to go for teams from the shipping industry to sign up to what should be a fun day out on the water, dragon boating in London, this September – and all for a worthy casue. This September 16 will se...

Vallianz: Expanding valiantly

Vallianz: Expanding valiantlySingapore: Offshore support vessel operator Vallianz brought in Darren Yeo to the role of ceo two years ago from shareholder Swiber. Since then, the company has evolved to become one of the top OSV providers in the region under Yeo'...

V.Group: Looking to add more services

V.Group: Looking to add more servicesLondon: V.Group, already a hugely diverse company, is looking to add further strings to its bow. Clive Richardson, president and group ceo of the company, tells Maritime CEO that there are “emerging opportunities” across a ran...

Maritime CEO launches latest poll

Maritime CEO launches latest pollSingapore: In every issue of Maritime CEO magazine the back page is dedicated to a reader’s vote, snappily entitled MarPoll. Past MarPolls have stirred much debate and plenty of votes – the two most recent votes can be accessed ...

SMM: Innovation the theme this year

SMM: Innovation the theme this yearHamburg: There’s less than two months to go before the world’s largest shipping show kicks off in Hamburg. SMM is fast approaching, and with 90,000 sq m of exhibition space, more than 2,000 exhibitors and an expected 50,000 visi...

Orient Express Lines: New trade lanes eyed

Orient Express Lines: New trade lanes eyedSingapore: Containerline Orient Express Lines (OEL) is looking at entering the Indonesian and Philippine trades. The ceo of the firm, Biju Oommen, tells Maritime CEO in our regular Friday shipowner slot, “The Indonesia and Philipp...

KVH Industries: Ready for kick-off

KVH Industries: Ready for kick-offMiddletown: As the greatest sporting spectacle in the world this year nears its climax with a keenly anticipated football World Cup final between Germany and Argentina set to take place this Sunday, a number of seafarers will be abl...

Sustainable Shipping Initiative: ‘We are entering a new era’

Sustainable Shipping Initiative: ‘We are entering a new era’London: On July 1, Alastair Fischbacher became the director at the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), a coalition of companies from across the shipping industry focused on driving commercial growth through sustainable practices....

Survival Craft Inspectorate: Locked in for growth

Survival Craft Inspectorate: Locked in for growthAberdeen: As of a week ago all shipowners are now facing a new piece of IMO legislation. As per MSC.1.Circ.1392, all vessel owners must make sure that the lifeboat release and retrieval system (LRRS) on their vessels complies with t...

CJN Shipping: International push

CJN Shipping: International pushManila: A Philippine shipmanagement company is looking to go global. CJN Shipping and Brokerage Corp was formed in 2008 to cater to the local shipping market. Says the firm’s owner, Daisy Canky, “Due to the many incidents and ac...

Alterna Capital: ‘Volatility will create attractive exit opportunities’

Wilton: In the news this week once again is Alterna Capital Partners. The US private equity firm was revealed as the firm behind an order for six 25,000 dwt chemical tankers at Hyundai Mipo in South Korea. Alterna has been very active in the marke...

Faststream: Beware of private equity’s pay cheque

Southampton: Maritime CEO has been told repeatedly that private equity is beating traditional shipowners in recruitment, paying whatever it takes to get the best talent. However, bear in mind working for private equity is a poisoned chalice. Privat...

Crewshield: Box protection

London: A British team have come up with what they believe is the ultimate piracy panic room, namely a converted twenty foot container. The secure box works both onshore and at sea. Mike Samways, managing director of Crewshield and a former boardi...

Roberto Giorgi: What it takes to be a top shipmanager

Monaco: One of the most famous names in shipmanagement, Roberto Giorgi, talks to Maritime CEO today about what it takes to be a successful shipmanager in today’s increasingly competitive environment. Giorgi headed up the giant V.Ships organization ...

CBI-MMEER: Unique accommodation rigs

Dalian: Today Maritime CEO brings news of a unique series of offshore structures under construction in the Chinese city of Dalian. Dallas-based offshore oil and gas company Mike Mullen Energy Equipment Resource has formed a joint venture with CBI ...

Borealis Maritime: Buy low, sell high

London: Contrary to much positive sentiment earmarked for rates in the second half of this year, the founder and managing director of Borealis Maritime is concerned. The much talked about firm made up of former Allocean high fliers does not share t...

Cosco Shipyard: Offshore challenges

Dalian: Orders for offshore rigs have dropped this year as have prices, says the head of one of the leading rig builders in China. Shi Wei, executive director of Cosco Shipyard Group and chief of the offshore division, discusses opportunities and ch...

Day of the Seafarer: Overcoming isolation

Singapore: Today sees the fourth ever Day of the Seafarer. The day, now recognised by the United Nations, was created by the International Maritime Organisation to increase awareness among the general public of the indispensable services the more tha...

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Playing Catch Up: Shipping and Social Media

Graeme Somerville-Ryan from Wikborg Rein on how to navigate the likes of Facebook and Twitter

Playing Catch Up: Shipping and Social Media

The use of social media is now an integral part of building a commercial brand. Social media channels are rapidly evolving into highly efficient tools that help companies communicate with their clients, drive sales, and influence market perception. However, social media has not removed the need for traditional marketing tools and strategies. But - it has changed the way businesses and individuals are using those tools to communicate. The future is already here and to ignore it is to fruitlessly fight the incoming tide.

Shipping has no control over demand for vessels, only supply. And we all know where that has got us. The oversupply of vessels means that quality providers need to set themselves apart from inferior competitors. Financial strength, environmental care, efficiency, seafarer welfare, and safety records will become increasingly important as supply chain transparency becomes a point of difference. Social media provides companies with an efficient and effective tool to get their message out to those who matter. Don't worry; it will also remain a place to post your favourite kitten pics.

Keeping an Open Mind

I must confess that I can become rather excitable regarding social media marketing and its potential in the shipping sphere. But I'm a zealot. Given the slightest opportunity, at an event big or small, get me onto the topic and the night is pretty much over.

In shipping circles, eyes begin to roll; excuses are made; and crowds thin. Those polite enough to listen will make sure their glasses are full. Scepticism abounds. Discussions focus around why social media shouldn't be part of shipping, how dangerous and unpredictable it is, and why it is irrelevant at best.

In other industries the debate has moved beyond 'is there a place for social media marketing?' to 'how do we best use it?' It is time shipping entered the 21st century and starte ...   More>>