Ilioship: How to handle disputes in China

Ilioship: How to handle disputes in China

Dalian: For Greek owners with a problem in the People’s Republic Nicholas Iliopoloulos has rapidly become Mr Fixit or ‘Our Man in China’ as he quips. The shipping veteran has been based in Dalian since 2009 and has worked with many Greek owners to solve issues such as port state control.

CyberKeel: Shipping unprepared for online attacks

CyberKeel: Shipping unprepared for online attacksCopenhagen: Shipping is the target of many cyber criminals yet the majority of the industry struggle to understand how to combat this growing scourge. Lars Jensen, who writes a container column for this title and is also the founder...

Grimaldi Group: Green roro fleet at the ready

Grimaldi Group: Green roro fleet at the readyNaples: “The 0.1% sulphur emissions control area rules that will apply in the North Sea, Baltic and English Channel from next January are set to split the shortsea shipping industry into two classes: operators that can still compe...

CargoSmart: Trio of new products

CargoSmart: Trio of new productsHong Kong: CargoSmart, the shipment management software solutions provider that leverages big data for greater visibility and benchmarking, has three new ways for shippers and logistics service providers to improve their shipment pl...

CTI Consultancy: Driving liner efficiencies

CTI Consultancy: Driving liner efficiencies Singapore: A trio of former Maersk executives have formed a consultancy in which they promise to deliver serious efficiencies to clients within the container sector. Container Transport International Consultancy was founded last yea...

OW Bunker: Warning on polarisation of standards within bunkering

OW Bunker: Warning on polarisation of standards within bunkeringSingapore: In the final of a series of bunker-related interviews in the run up to tomorrow’s start of SIBCON, the world’s largest bunkering event, we catch up today with Søren Christian Meyer, the man tasked with physical bunke...

Dynamic Oil Trading: Bunker challenges

Dynamic Oil Trading: Bunker challengesSingapore: SIBCON, the world’s largest bunkering event, takes place later this week. In the run up to the Singapore show, we talk to leading names within the sector. Today, we chat with Lars Moller, ceo of Dynamic Oil Trading. O...

Hong Lam Marine: What mass flow meters will bring

Hong Lam Marine: What mass flow meters will bringSingapore: Continuing a theme for this week, this Friday’s regular shipowner profile is with one of the world’s largest bunker vessel operators. The interview is timed to coincide with the launch this week of a brand new bunkeri...

Clean Marine Energy: Integrated LNG solutions

Clean Marine Energy: Integrated LNG solutionsIrvine: Today’s Maritime CEO is once again bunker-related as our sister title, SeaShip News celebrates the launch of a brand new bunkering magazine. This week WesPac Midstream, a provider of energy infrastructure and LNG solutions...

National Metrology Centre: Bunker savings

National Metrology Centre: Bunker savingsSingapore: Today’s Maritime CEO interview comes from Singapore on the day where our sister title, SeaShip News launches a brand new bunkering title, timed to coincide with next week’s big bunkering gathering, SIBCON. Bunker savings made clear Bunker savings made clearMiddelburg: Looking to shave some money off your bunker bills? You best be quick if you want to maximize your savings from a new Dutch outfit. is offering no subscription costs during its Beta testing period. The site f...

Danish Maritime Days: ‘Ready to take on big issues’

Copenhagen: The capital of Denmark this week plays host to a stellar line up of shipping luminaries as the inaugural Danish Maritime Days kicks off. More than 50 events are planned, and browsing through them the global ambitions of the event becom...

Mandarin Shipping: Attracting top investors

Hong Kong: Maritime CEO has another exclusive shipowner interview today with the first on-the-record interview this decade with one of Hong Kong’s most talked about and intriguing shipping companies. Amidst the raft of high profile fund raisings...

Ascenz: Keeping tabs on bunker bills

Singapore: The clock is counting down the hours to another very significant change in the bunkering sector. Come the end of this year, Singapore, the world’s largest bunkering hub, will kick off a mandatory introduction of mass flow meters in a bid...

MarPoll: Maritime CEO’s latest poll launches

Singapore: With the final Maritime CEO magazine of the year approaching today we kick off our regular online voting section, results of which will appear on the back page of the magazine. For this vote we cast around the Maritime CEO website as wel...

Andre Eichman: Capturing the moment

Hong Kong: For the majority of us photography is simply a matter of pointing and clicking and hoping for something half decent to pop up on the screen. For André Eichman it is an art form. Eichman, an American who has been living in Hong Kong for th...

Manish Singh: Ready to return

Cambridge: Manish Singh, chairman of consultants Ideocean as well as the Cambridge Academy of Transport has announced his return to V.Group as group director for strategy and M&A. V.Group, a leading marine services provider, has an established t...

Star Bulk: Shipping’s top consolidator

Athens: In the bulk trades in 2014 Spyros Capralos has clearly been the shipowner newsmaker of the year. The chairman of Star Bulk Carriers now presides over the largest US-listed dry bulk shipowner with a fleet of 103 ships – including newbuilding...

Shinyo International: Golden times for VLCCs on the horizon?

Hong Kong: Genial Fred Cheng is in a slightly frustrated mood when meeting with Maritime CEO. For a long time, Cheng, the famous owner who soared high and crashed spectacularly with Golden Ocean in the 1990s, has been championing prospects for VLCCs....

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In Focus

Watch your tail

We welcome back a former army man to dish the dirt on the private maritime security business

Watch your tail

About six months ago I started to tell you about the realities of the UK maritime security industry, a tale of betrayal, back stabbing, lies, lost friendships, broken marriages and dislocated egos. You can read the first installment by clicking here.

For this final part, I’ll start from the moment I decided to create my own private maritime security company (PMSC).

In retrospect the business was rolling down hill from day one, even though we were doing 60 to 80 transits a month. The mismanagement of the chancing so-and-sos I was employing started straight away.

I have it from the horse’s mouth: “You must have been aware that I was planning on starting my own business whilst working for you.”

I should have had tighter legals in place at the time, but, what with the business growing out of control, it was one element that just got put to one side. The swines were all nobodies, most were the dregs of society, failures in life who pounced on my stupid trusting nature. The question has been asked on more than one occasion, why did you employ them? The answer involves that emotion that you should never mix in business: former army, or close protection mates form my early days cutting around the streets of Najaf and Fallujah, thinking that if you had someone watching your 6 in that environment, then you could trust them with something a bit more complex and with a monetary value.

So after I had ridded myself of these idiots I still needed help with the operations, which were still growing on a daily basis. To cut a long story short, we needed to recover the millions owed and pay the thousands that we owed. It took a gargantuan effort to get some clients to pay up, some still haven't. Luckily, a client with a decent moral code helped and we started to get  ...   More>>