Maritime CEO: The year in review

Maritime CEO: The year in review

Singapore: As 2014 draws to a close shipowners are in no better state than a year ago. Indeed, many shipping lines’ balance sheets are even more stretched than at the end of 2013. What has been remarkable about this protracted downturn has been how few bankruptcies there have been – private equity, the bête noir of shipping, has arguably staved off many, while at the same time elongating the slump.

Dagfinn Lunde: Overcapacity concerns

Dagfinn Lunde: Overcapacity concernsAthens: Today we catch up with one of the most famous names in ship finance, Dagfinn Lunde, who, since leaving DVB Bank, has taken on a range of roles including becoming this title’s regular finance columnist.

Rajaish Bajpaee: Shipmanagement veteran on a changing industry

Rajaish Bajpaee: Shipmanagement veteran on a changing industryHong Kong: On Monday it was announced that one of the most famous names in shipmanagement was handing over the reins of day-to-day business at Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM). Rajaish Bajpaee will hand over ceo responsibili...

Arista Shipping: From ferries to dry bulk and beyond

Arista Shipping: From ferries to dry bulk and beyondVoula: Contrary to many of his peers, Alexander Panagopulos, chairman and ceo of the Greece-based Arista Shipping, has an optimistic sentiment for the shipping market looking at the short to mid-term future. “We are living in in...

Crown Sea: On a crest

Crown Sea: On a crestLianjiang: In the 1980s, the depletion of fishery resources in Lianjiang, a fishing village in Fujian, saw many local fishermen quit the business and look for work in bigger cities. Lin Cailong, a fisherman in the village, was deter...

Parakou: Headed for the NASDAQ

Parakou: Headed for the NASDAQHong Kong: Family run Parakou made a bold move early this December hiving off its Singapore tanker arm to go for a listing on the NASDAQ. Parakou is merging its tanker division with NASDAQ-listed Cambridge Capital Acquisition Corpor...

New Jinhang Shipping: Chemical bet

New Jinhang Shipping: Chemical betChongqing: Heeding Beijing’s call to develop shipping on the Yangtze River, hundreds have entered the world’s third longest river with huge investments in recent years. Among the investors, Ma Zhilin, president of Chongqing-b...

Dalian Maritime University: Talent search

Dalian Maritime University: Talent searchThe downturn of the shipping industry has lasted for several years now with 2015 unlikely to see any quick return to health. While there are some shipowners eking out a profit, many of the big names are in the red. Securing decen...

Olympic Shipping: Shared knowhow

Olympic Shipping: Shared knowhowFosnavåg: Stig Remøy grew up on Remøy, an island in Herøy, a municipality with a long history of fishing. His father and grandfather were fishing masters, and it was natural for him to choose the same profession. A Master Mar...

Blue Wall: Traditional owners can work with private equity

Blue Wall: Traditional owners can work with private equityBlue Wall, one of Greece’s fastest growing shipowners is one of 17 shipowners profiled in the latest issue of Maritime CEO magazine, which has just been released. Blue Wall Shipping has spent $220m over the past 18 months build...

Hapag-Lloyd: Rolf Habben Jansen stars on the cover of latest Maritime CEO magazine

Hapag-Lloyd: Rolf Habben Jansen stars on the cover of latest Maritime CEO magazineHamburg: Two days ago Beijing gave the green light for the merger between German containerline Hapag-Lloyd and Chile’s CSAV, paving the way for integration to start in earnest, something Hapag-Lloyd’s new Dutch ceo, Rolf Habben ...

Martin Stopford: Rallying call to invest in technology

London: Shipping is years behind its automotive and airline cousins in harnessing information technology and urgent investment is required, especially as the pool of well qualified seafarers gets ever tighter, according to one of the industry’s mos...

Unicom Management Services: Ice specialist readies for more Arctic transits

Limassol: In these stretched times owners are increasingly asking shipmanagers to tighten costs, especially related to crew outlay, says the boss of a top European shipmanager. Sergey Popravko, managing director of Cyprus-based Unicom Management S...

Guangzhou Maritime Ship Engineering Management: Internal integration underway

Guangzhou: China’s ship repair industry as a whole is facing tough times. Ship repair as a business has been in the doldrums for the past four years and overcapacity has crept in Guangzhou Maritime Ship Engineering Management (GMSEM), a ship rep...

Maritime CEO Poll: LNG deemed most attractive sector to invest in

Singapore: With just 24 hours to go until voting closes, the latest online survey from Maritime CEO is throwing up some interesting debate and points of view. For instance, Maritime CEO asked what sector readers would invest in if they were given ...

Helmut Sohmen: How shipping has changed

Hong Kong: Eight days ago, one of the best-known names in shipping called it a day. Fast approaching his 75th birthday, Dr Helmut Sohmen announced his retirement as chairman of BW Group and BW Offshore, having served the group for 44 years with 28 ye...

SC Lowy: Predicting private equity’s exit

Hong Kong: A Hong Kong independent fixed income specialist has made quite an impact in shipping during the downturn. “Our radar has a wide sweep and we try to pick up anything going through restructuring,” explains Soo Cheon Lee, the company’...

Marine Contracting: Revenue target set

Singapore: Marine Contracting, founded in 2013, is a subsidiary of Global Maritime, a global offshore marine consultancy firm. Marine Contracting, headquartered in Singapore, is involved in offshore engineering, transportation and installation.

Kanazawa Port: Samurai lure

Kanazawa: A new bullet train line to Tokyo and an increasing interest in the history of the Samurai will help the Japanese west coast port of Kanazawa boost cruise line calls next year, according to the man in charge of promoting the port. Speaking t...

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Would a Google Ship be beta?

Will shipping ever catch up with its automotive and airline counterparts in terms of harnessing information technology?

Would a Google Ship be beta?

Shipping is years behind its automotive and airline cousins in harnessing information technology and urgent investment is required, especially as the pool of well qualified seafarers gets ever tighter, according to one of the industry’s most famous analysts.

Speaking at a breakfast in Hong Kong organised by our sister title, SinoShip, and sponsored by Rightship and DVB Bank, Dr Martin Stopford, president of Clarkson Research Services, went so far as to suggest shipping needs to mirror the self-driving Google Car (pictured).

“We are so old fashioned we don't even realise just how far behind we are with the latest technology,” Stopford said.

The lack of qualified crew is one of the most pressing issues facing the industry, he noted.

“You’ve got 58,000 deepsea ships, that’s 58,000 qualified chief engineers, it’s tough to get them today and there’s a feeling that in 10 years time you are on a real loser there,” he said.

What he proposed is to look at how owners can “deskill” onboard jobs.

“If you can lay your hands on some expertise it is much better to have it in the office and be doing the difficult, technical stuff from the office, not on the ship,” he said, noting that this is exactly what the car industry has done.

“Take your BMW into the garage,” he said, “and they don't get out a spanner, they plug it into the computer, download all the information and the computer tells them what circuit board to plug in.”

Stopford hit out at owners for failing to invest properly in technical expertise.

“I think there is a lot to be done on the technical side in rebuilding the expertise which in 50 years of cutting costs most companies have taken out,” he said, pointing out just how few shipping firms have technical directors these days.

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